Getting Started with DeDust SDK

The DeDust SDK is a toolkit designed for TypeScript / JavaScript, allowing seamless interaction with the DeDust Protocol. It covers contract actions, calculations, the DeDust API client, and more.


Some features of the SDK can be accessed via the DeDust API for developers not using TypeScript. Refer to the API Reference for further details.


Install prerequisites:

yarn add @ton/core @ton/ton @ton/crypto
npm install --save @ton/core @ton/ton @ton/crypto
pnpm add @ton/core @ton/ton @ton/crypto

Install DeDust SDK with:

yarn add @dedust/sdk
npm install --save @dedust/sdk
pnpm add @dedust/sdk

Initialize the SDK in your code using:

import { Factory, MAINNET_FACTORY_ADDR } from '@dedust/sdk';
import { Address, TonClient4 } from "@ton/ton";

const tonClient = new TonClient4({ endpoint: "" });
const factory =;


The Factory contract serves as a hub to locate other contracts.