Liquidity Provisioning


To provide liquidity to a specific DeDust pool, you must supply both assets. After doing so, the pool issues LP tokens to the depositor's address.

Due to TON's limitations, executing two transfers simultaneously isn't feasible. Thus, the balances of user deposits must be retained until the LP tokens are distributed.

To manage this process, the DeDust Protocol uses a Liquidity Deposit contract. This contract is activated when one of the assets is deposited and automatically terminates after the pool has either accepted the liquidity or the deposit has been withdrawn.

Deposit liquidity

To add liquidity to a Pool (A, B), deposit asset A into Vault (A) and asset B into Vault (B).
That's all.

Now, let's attempt to add some liquidity to the Pool (TON, SCALE).

Step 1. Prepare input

Next, we'll need both assets and targetBalances to be identical for each deposit.

import { Asset } from '@dedust/sdk';

/* ... */

const tonAmount = toNano("5"); // 5 TON
const scaleAmount = toNano("10"); // 10 SCALE

const TON = Asset.native();
const SCALE = Asset.jetton(SCALE_ADDRESS);

const assets: [Asset, Asset] = [TON, SCALE];
const targetBalances: [bigint, bigint] = [tonAmount, scaleAmount];

Step 2. Deposit TON to Vault (TON)

import { PoolType } from '@dedust/sdk';

/* ... */

const tonVault = factory.getNativeVault());

await tonVault.sendDepositLiquidity(sender, {
  poolType: PoolType.VOLATILE,
  amount: tonAmount,

Step 3. Deposit SCALE to Vault (SCALE)

import { JettonRoot, PoolType, VaultJetton } from '@dedust/sdk';

/* ... */

const scaleRoot =;
const scaleWallet = scaleRoot.getWallet(sender.address));

await scaleWallet.sendTransfer(sender, toNano('0.5'), {
  amount: scaleAmount,
  destination: scaleVault.address,
  responseAddress: sender.address,
  forwardAmount: toNano('0.4'),
  forwardPayload: VaultJetton.createDepositLiquidityPayload({
    poolType: PoolType.VOLATILE,

Withdraw liquidity

To withdraw liquidity, we need to burn LP tokens. Here's how:

const pool = factory.getPool(PoolType.VOLATILE, [TON, SCALE]));
const lpWallet = pool.getWallet(sender.address));

await lpWallet.sendBurn(sender, toNano('0.5'), {
  amount: await lpWallet.getBalance(),

Cancel pending deposits

const liquidityDeposit =
  await factory.getLiquidityDeposit({
    ownerAddress: sender.address,
    poolType: PoolType.VOLATILE,

await liquidityDeposit.sendCancelDeposit(sender, {});